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Downwinders, Inc. is a research and educational foundation established in 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Downwinders, Inc. takes its name from the residents living in the prevailing wind pattern surrounding the Nevada Test Site, and who have been constantly exposed to radioactive fallout from America's nuclear testing activities conducted there. Downwinders, Inc. was founded with two primary goals:

Since its founding Downwinders, Inc. has expanded its efforts to other nuclear, military, and environmental projects and issues where the health and safety of residents surrounding them have been placed at risk. Over the years these have included such problems as chemical and biological weapons research and testing at the Dugway Proving Ground. Other issues of concern are high and low-level nuclear waste, uranium mining, milling and tailings disposal, phosphate mining and wastes, groundwater issues, land and air space grabs by the military, and military toxics. Downwinders, Inc. has also expanded its scope of operations from regional work confined to the Great Basin of Utah and Nevada to one of global outreach.